Dr. Archer Talks Summer Shoes on The Dr. Oz Show

Dr. Archer Talks Summer Shoes on The Dr. Oz Show

Dr. Archer Talks Summer Shoes on The Dr. Oz Show

Summer Feet Fix Up: Help For Your Feet Before Sandal Season Hits

Have your feet been covered up all winter? This time of the year so many of us are embarrassed by our ugly feet; sick toe nails, painful blisters, and cracking skin. So what can you do?

Ugly feet complaints:

1.)   Blisters
To prevent the blisters from happening spray feet with antiperspirant spray to avoid friction from excess moisture. Wetness, in the form of perspiration, makes friction which causes blisters to form. For sandals, spray antiperspirant right on top of your foot! Now to treat discoloration from old blisters, mix some hemorrhoid cream with a concealer that has SPF to make a paste. Use the paste to camouflage those red spots. The hemorrhoid cream decreases redness and constricts the blood vessels. Always remember, don’t pop blisters!

2.)   Dry, cracked heel skin
Why do we get cracked heels? Over the winter, the very dry air causes the skin to crack. The cracks can become dangerous if they get infected, which requires extra care.

Try this Honey Lemon Foot Scrub:

Mix the ingredients into a nice paste. Put the paste onto the cracks. Then, with firm strokes, massage the paste into the cracked area for about two minutes. Then take some warm water and a towel to wipe it off. The dead skin cells will come right off!

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