ARCH by DR. KRISTA ARCHER – Using the FULL REGIMEN to get Summer Ready

ARCH by DR. KRISTA ARCHER – Using the FULL REGIMEN to get Summer Ready

ARCH by DR. KRISTA ARCHER – Using the FULL REGIMEN to get Summer Ready

It’s been a long winter but thankfully Spring is finally here and we all know what that means – Summer is just around the corner! With the warm weather approaching, we are all getting ready to take our tootsies out of their boot hibernation and straight to a pedicure chair so they are ready for their big debut. Often we neglect our feet because we are able to hide them away more than half of the year. No more hiding! We have the solution for you and it is just what the Dr. ordered – Literally!

Dr. Archer’s practice has become well known for their meticulous treatment and Medical Pedicures, but if you can’t get to the office you can still treat your feet at home with Archer’s ALL NATURAL product line – Appropriately named ARCH.

The most common problem we can all agree on when it comes to our feet is dead skin. The first step to having beautiful, smooth feet is to get rid of all that dreadful dry, dead skin through regular exfoliating. Dr Archer’s  ARCH Sole Savour Scrub made up of fine pumice granules, rosehip powder and a unique blend of essential oils gently buffs off dead skin, nourishes the soft, smooth skin underneath, while simultaneously reducing bacteria. This scrub is the perfect balance – just tough enough without being too harsh.  

After you’ve cleansed and exfoliated thoroughly its important to address hydration and nourishment.  Don’t be shit with the ARCH Sole Savour Creme, Slather a generous amount on your feet and massage the crème in. This naturally derived crème had one very important element – Oat Beta Glucan.   This magical natural active had incredible restorative elements in skin care : anti-inflammatory, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, wound healing support, antioxidant components – need we say more! Feel free to use this lotion elsewhere of course – its perfect size to throw in your bag for everyday use!

Next, for those more problematic areas – like cracked heels, and calluses, rub the ARCH Sole Savour Balm. Again, all naturally derived, this balm soothes the skin and promotes healing and works to prevent discomfort in the roughest, driest parts of your feet. For the best results Dr. Archer recommends you apply the balm just before bed or when you are relaxing around the house. Apply a generous amounts and slip on you comfy socks to help really allow the balm to seep in and penetrate those tough areas. You will not believe this difference this balm will make in just one week!

Lastly, Dr. Archer recommends applying a generous amount of ARCH Sole Savour Nail Oil to the nail and cuticle area. This essential oil blend aids in maintaining the health of the cuticle area while also strengthening dry, brittle nails. This blend was developed specifically with one key ingredient, tea tree oil, to fight off any bacteria and keep the fungus away – -So don’t be frugal while applying this oil!

Lets not forget, your feet go through a lot during the course of a day – easily the hardest working part of our bodies even on our laziest of days. We spend so much time (and lets be honest, money too) on our skincare routine when it comes to our faces – expensive masks, creams, serums you name it night after night hoping the we have found the formula that will miraculously turn back the hands of time. There is no reason we shouldn’t give our feet the same TLC.

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