Treatment for Calluses

What are calluses?

Calluses are thick layers of dead skin that result on the bottoms of joints and other prominent surfaces from repeated pressure and friction against the shoe. The chronic rubbing causes the calluses to develop. Calluses usually develop on the soles of the feet, especially under the heels or balls of feet and are often much larger than corns.

What causes calluses?

Pressure and friction cause calluses to develop. Skipping socks and wearing shoes that are too tight, especially high heels that push your foot forward into a cramped pointy toe box are the most common reasons for corns to develop.

What is the treatment for calluses?

Wearing shoes that fit properly with adequate support to keep the foot stable on the foot back can help to alleviate calluses and help them from getting worse. Custom orthotics can often provide this stability and cushion the soles of feet to reduce calluses .However, if you cannot find relief from these options medical treatments will include: Trimming down thickened skin during an office visit; antibiotic medication; shoe inserts; x-rays, and perhaps surgery. A prescription ointment, in conjunction with pumice stone use, can greatly reduce the size and thickness of calluses.

Healthy individuals only need treatment for calluses that cause discomfort. For most people, it is usually enough just to eliminate the source of friction or pressure, which makes calluses disappear.