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Dr. Krista Archer

ARCH Sole Savour Creme – 1.7 oz

ARCH Sole Savour Creme – 1.7 oz

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Naturally derived with no parabens, no sulfates, or smelly fragrances. Sole Savour Creme, the first product in the ARCH line, is a naturally derived cream with a
special restorative and healing ingredient called OAT BETA GLUCAN, plus hydrating natural essential oils to solve dry and cracking skin issues like no other ordinary cream. Even though Sole Savour Creme was developed with feet in mind, it can be used anywhere. Use in on scars, skin cracks (ie, heels and finger/toe tips), blisters, hands, and bumpy
back of arms.


Key benefits of Oat Beta Glucan (Beta 1-3, 1-4) in skin care:
*reduce fine lines and wrinkles 
*wound healing support
*moisturizing and hydration 
*increase skin elasticity 
*sun damage protection 
*sun damage repair 
*scar care 
*stimulate collagen production 

*NB. these statements have been found in the literature however Oat Beta Glucan has not been evaluated by the FDA and

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